Washington’s Three Premiere Rivers Offer the Three Best Types of Fish!



Washington’s Premiere River Offers the Best Variety of Fishing!

The folks at Steel Dreams Fishing have wonderful prices and welcome the most experienced fisherman or brand new beginners to ride along with them for a wonderful experience! Washington’s main rivers are the Snake, Columbia and Grande Ronde all three are filled with the best fish from salmon, steelhead, small mouth bass or surgeon.


Salmon is the most recognized and sought after fish in the world.

The peak season to fish for them is

    • May to June on Clearwater Spring Chinook
    • August for the Columbia River Astoria
    • September to October on the Snake River Fall Chinook.


The fish from the dinosaur-era! The sturgeon can also be called the behemoth of fish with their extraordinary length and weight.

They are found in the upper Snake River in Hells Canyon from April to September.

Steel Head (Rainbow Trout)

This is the most common fish in the river but the always the most fun to catch! It has a thicker meat which makes it plumper and yummier to cook.

The peak season:

  • September 24th to February on Snake River Hells Canyon
  • October to February on the Grande Ronde River
  • October 15th to March on Clearwater River Steelhead

Dreams Steel Fishing

Click here today to experience professional and fun fishing with the whole family or as a couple. You’ll enjoy every second on the Washington rivers!

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