Great Lures for Smallmouth Bass


Snake River Fishing

Finding the small mouth bass in Snake River isn’t typically the problem. From April to September, these guys can be spotted all over the place. But catching them is an entirely different thing altogether. Here are some great small mouth bass fishing lures to help you out:

blogsHeddon Spook

Taunt the bass with the Heddon Spook, which features noisy rattles and a classic side-to-side walking action. Work it aggressively with lots of splashing to emulate schooling activity.

blogsCordell Big O

This lure takes Fred Young’s 1973 hand-carved wooden plug and improves upon it. The

buoyant body and cover-deflecting ability are perfect for snagging some smallmouth.

Rapala X Rap Pop

The thin, cupped mouth creates a disturbance that emulates shad activity, while the sleek design promotes long casts. The VMC teaser hook only enhances the appeal that much more.


Hells Canyon Fishing

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just starting out, the Snake River and Hells Canyon are perfect spots to enjoy a great day on the water. Grab your best lures and join us as we go catch some bass!

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