Cooking a Salmon Fillet


Different Ways to Cook Salmon

The wonderful thing about cooking salmon is that it is a fish that is versatile. With a simple marinade of salt, pepper, and lemon juice, you can have a wonderful meal of grilled, baked, broiled, or poached salmon. Just salt and pepper to taste and coat with lemon, let sit for a few hours and prepare using your preferred method. Don’t forget oil or non-stick spray.

Salmon Fishing in Washington State

Fresh salmon is even more delicious and a much more satisfying meal when you have caught it yourself. At Steel Dreams we have the have salmon charters that are great for all types of fishers, from novice to experienced. Contact us at (509)869-9694. Happy fishing!


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Great Lures for Smallmouth Bass


Snake River Fishing

Finding the small mouth bass in Snake River isn’t typically the problem. From April to September, these guys can be spotted all over the place. But catching them is an entirely different thing altogether. Here are some great small mouth bass fishing lures to help you out:

blogsHeddon Spook

Taunt the bass with the Heddon Spook, which features noisy rattles and a classic side-to-side walking action. Work it aggressively with lots of splashing to emulate schooling activity.

blogsCordell Big O

This lure takes Fred Young’s 1973 hand-carved wooden plug and improves upon it. The

buoyant body and cover-deflecting ability are perfect for snagging some smallmouth.

Rapala X Rap Pop

The thin, cupped mouth creates a disturbance that emulates shad activity, while the sleek design promotes long casts. The VMC teaser hook only enhances the appeal that much more.


Hells Canyon Fishing

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just starting out, the Snake River and Hells Canyon are perfect spots to enjoy a great day on the water. Grab your best lures and join us as we go catch some bass!

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Rich in History and in Fishing


Steelhead Fishing in Washington

January is a prime month for steelhead fishing, particularly in Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. This valley is rich in historic significance – it is part of the Lewis and Clark trail, and serves as a gateway into the rugged, gorgeous Hells Canyon. This is the place where indigenous Native Americans inscribed mysterious and ancient petroglyphs and wildlife abounds. These petroglyphs, which can be seen along the banks of the Snake River, are thought to be over 10,000 years old. They are revered as sacred by the local Nez Perce tribe.

Hells Canyon Fishing

In addition to great fishing in Hells Canyon, there is also abundant wildlife that you can enjoy. Animals such as big horn sheep, mule deer, elk, coyote, bobcat, cougar, bear, river otter, wild turkeys, and eagles abound here. If you would like to experience this wonderful canyon, you should book a trip with Steel Dreams Fishing!


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Obtaining Food the Old Fashioned Way

Fishing, Hunting, and Berry Picking in Washington

The ease of obtaining delicious, fresh food today ignores the difficult challenges our ancestors once faced when they were feeling peckish. But there is something special about the old ways, the hunters and the gatherers of the world. These diligent people had to be careful and stock up before winter came so that they could be well-nourished. Now that food is not hard to come by in America, picking berries and going fishing have become novelties, hobbies we enjoy in our free time.

Steelhead fishing in Washington

We are currently in the prime months for steelhead fishing in Washington. The time is ripe for you and your friends or family to join us for a few days on the river, catching fish and providing food for others, just like the old days.

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Get in Touch with Nature for a Weekend

Snake River Fishing

After a long week, there is nothing quite like getting outdoors and seeing the wilderness and the world outside. Nature can be as calming as it is surprising, and we want to give you some ideas for your nature exploration: 1. Go on a hike- You can go with friends or alone and choose the difficulty for either a long, physical trek or maybe a medium-length stroll through the woods.

Salmon fishing in Washington State

  1. Go fishing- this option gives you the combination of great views, fun times, and relaxation. Fishing is both relaxing and engaging at times, and if you’re lucky, you might just haul in the catch of the day. Washington State has some great fishing options.

3. Explore a zoo – this is especially enjoyable with someone tagging along. Watch and learn as the animals demonstrate what good old fashioned fun looks like.

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Washington’s Three Premiere Rivers Offer the Three Best Types of Fish!



Washington’s Premiere River Offers the Best Variety of Fishing!

The folks at Steel Dreams Fishing have wonderful prices and welcome the most experienced fisherman or brand new beginners to ride along with them for a wonderful experience! Washington’s main rivers are the Snake, Columbia and Grande Ronde all three are filled with the best fish from salmon, steelhead, small mouth bass or surgeon.


Salmon is the most recognized and sought after fish in the world.

The peak season to fish for them is

    • May to June on Clearwater Spring Chinook
    • August for the Columbia River Astoria
    • September to October on the Snake River Fall Chinook.


The fish from the dinosaur-era! The sturgeon can also be called the behemoth of fish with their extraordinary length and weight.

They are found in the upper Snake River in Hells Canyon from April to September.

Steel Head (Rainbow Trout)

This is the most common fish in the river but the always the most fun to catch! It has a thicker meat which makes it plumper and yummier to cook.

The peak season:

  • September 24th to February on Snake River Hells Canyon
  • October to February on the Grande Ronde River
  • October 15th to March on Clearwater River Steelhead

Dreams Steel Fishing

Click here today to experience professional and fun fishing with the whole family or as a couple. You’ll enjoy every second on the Washington rivers!

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